Launching Thinking Teams Blog

Tom Robertson: Posted on Monday, November 05, 2012 4:31 PM

Welcome to the Thinking Teams Blog! Here we will talk about the opportunities and challenges that present themselves when great minds gather for a purpose. 

Just like the quests they undertake, great minds are multifaceted and complicated. Teams come together over touch-points of common understanding and purpose, yet there is always more to it. Human expertise, and many of our complex enterprises, defy our ability to perfectly understand, predict, or control. This can lead to frustration, failure, fistfights. 

But awesome power can be unleashed when experts work together, and we need that power to tackle the challenges of our century. In future blog entries, we will explore what goes wrong when great minds tackle big problems, and pathways to better outcomes. We will explore this at several levels: 

–Individual alignment, engagement, and fulfillment

–Communication across the gaps created by diverse personal style, experience, knowledge base, and implicit objectives

–Managing project complexity and uncertainty 

–Wholehearted enterprise leadership 

— Tom
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